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This holiday booking contract is between you and the owner of On The Beach, Alleé des Terrasses, Lacanau Ocean, 33680

On reserving your holiday you agree to pay a 30% deposit unless the holiday starts within six weeks of your booking. The holiday must be paid in full if that's not the case.

Directions to the property will be sent to you on confirmation and receipt of your deposit.

You will be refunded your deposit in full if you cancel your holiday before 90 days of your holiday commencing.

After you have paid your remaining balance:
If you cancel your holiday 14 days or more before your arrival, then 50% of your holiday payment will be lost.

If you cancel within 14 days of your arrival, then you will lose 100% of your holiday payment. (It is your responsibility to you to take out adequate holiday insurance if you need to cancel your trip suddenly).
We will provide proof of your reservation if you need to claim against your holiday insurance.

Arrival : Guests can check into the holiday apartment 3pm onwards on the day of their check in. They can check in between this time and 10pm. If you think that your trip means that you could arrive later, then please make On the Beach aware at least 48 hours before your arrival. You will be met by myself or Carole
to show you around the property.

On agreeing that you are happy with the accommodation, you will be asked to pay your 300 euros damages deposit either by cheque or by cash in full.

Taxe Séjour. A daily rate of 1,30euro per person will be charged per day for over 18's. This will be collected from you on your arrival.

Guests must vacate the property before 10am on the day of their departure. On agreeing to rent the property, they also agree to leave the property in the clean and good condition that they found the property. Failing to do so will mean a 50euro amount being taken out of the damages deposit that you will give on the day of your arrival.

Damages deposit:
The property will be inspected at the time of your departure and your deposit given back to you in full as long as there have been no breakages or damage to the property and its contents. If the property has been damaged in any way to the value of more than 300 euros, then you are expected to have adequate holiday insurance to cover you in this event. You sign this contract in the agreement that you have or will take out adequate holiday insurance.

Departure time before 10am:
If you need to depart at an earlier time, then please agree this with On the Beach 48 hours before your departure. If the hour that you depart is an unsociable hour, then we will ask you to deposit the key in a designated place and the property check can be done after you leave. We will then send proof that the damages deposit is not being used by sending you your cheque back or transferring funds into your bank account if you have paid by cash. We can also make this payment to your paypal account if you prefer.

Extra charges:
There are no extra charges for you to pay with regards to heating or water. No films purchased using the freebox channels pay for view will be allowed.

Your Accommodation:
Only those people named on your confirmation invoice can use the accommodation or bicycles arranged by us. You are not permitted to share accommodation or the bicycles with anyone else.
All clients undertake not to damage their accommodation, and to abide by local regulations (especially in relation to noise).
Clients are liable for the cost of any damage or loss and we shall be entitled to recover costs from the client if necessary before homebound transfer. The party leader shall be liable in the first instance for any claims.

Your Conduct
We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a customer or to continue dealing with you if your behaviour is disruptive or affects or threatens to affect other holiday makers within the apartment building or is threatening, disruptive or abusive towards other holiday makers. In any of these circumstances, no refunds will be made or compensation paid. We may also make a claim against you (and/or instigate criminal proceedings) if your behaviour has resulted in additional costs to us.

Accuracy of Information
All descriptions made orally or in writing (including our website) are given accurately and precisely.

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