Lounge Living Space
Sitting comfortably? Sleeping comfortably?

Relax together on this new four seater sofa bed and two comfy stools and watch together a film on Netflix or play scrabble.

..... Or you may be too busy at the beach or in the centre town to have time to do this! There are also two bar stools situated in the kitchen area if playing scrabble just isn't cool for some! And of course there is the terrace.... A large android television with cable channels, telestrial television, Netflix, youtube and other internet applications are available via the freebox or the TV itself.  Samsung Smarthub for all. The lounge area looks out onto the lovely decked terrace where there is comfy seating too for all.

The sofa converts into a double bed and is probably one of the easiest sofa beds to put up in fact.  All of the bedding for the sofa bed is stowed inside the sofa, so each morning you can put the sofa bed back to being just a sofa.